Lets say thanks to Maggi

We can’t find someone who don’t know about Maggi. Even the person who never heard the word noodles might know the word Maggi. The reason behind is simple, when we get something quick we like it.

Their marketing strategy worked in just 3 words ” 2 minute noodles “.

Many will say that its not good for health, but we can’t refuse the goodness that made in our life. Just forget about the negative and lets see how people will thank Maggi from their heart.

Maggi from foodies perspective

Dear Maggi,
You helped me quench my hunger when my foodie apps got uninstalled

Dear Maggi,
Thank you for those nights where you supported me and my midnight carvings

Maggi from hostlers perspective

Dear Maggi,
Thank you for filling my plate with your aroma and especially in hostel days

Maggi from travel freak perspective

Dear Maggi,
You’re the last resort for my midnight carvings, especially on winter nights

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