Welcoming 2020 by saying “Good Bye 2019”

Everybody wanted to say thanks to the past. Especially when we are nearing a new year, automatically memories of current year conveys many things to our self. Just assume how people will convey their thanks to 2019.

Good Bye 2019 quotes

A happy child said,

“Thanks for the lessons now it’s time to start the star light life”

A student said,

“Thanks for the lessons which will be helpful in the book of life”

An employee said,

“Thanks for the lessons which make me wiser than ever”

A businessman said,

“Thanks for the new hope
You opened my eyes, because gratitude is everything”

Welcoming New Year Quotes

Its time to welcome our dream year 2020. From the day A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said about vision 2020 we were curious and finally the day arrived to welcome our new year. Let’s see from different people’s perspective.

A person who wanted to become fitness freak said the below

I’ll download a fitness app and uninstall it the next day realizing that it’s full of advertisements

A person with positive attitude said the below

Erase everything that has ruined 2019 including our own negativity

Capture my essence with words, decorate them with my dreams and will work hard to achieve
Not expensive but exclusive version of myself

Embarrassed to reveal the secrets of past or just forget it

A person with funny mindset said the below

I’ll make resolutions for 2021, at-least to execute them in a hilarious way

I’ll invite my enemies to my house, and there I’ll feed them bowl of happiness

Still planning to be the person who i want to be that yet to decide

I hope that this time I wish to make more memories than just clicking pictures

Decide before acting, it’s time to reveal

A person who believe destiny said the below

Don’t follow any plans, time will decide what will be better. Just go with the flow

Marrying late quotes

Lets think from the perspective of someone who is still unmarried.
Below quotes are especially for 90’s kids.

A boy/girl who wanted to marry late, said the below

Marrying late is a decision taken willingly,
Because late is still better than suffering silently.

It’s better to wait long and shape up things naturally
Rather than forcing it, by destroying the originality.

It’s better to wait long, than to rush for the wrong and disturb life’s song

Can marrying early guarantee a bond that lasts forever?

A girl with responsibilities, said the below

Society can’t understand, why she took long to settle only her heart knows

I’m busy ensuring a secure and independent life without any disturbance from others

With marriage, comes a truckload of responsibilities and expectations
For which I’m not prepared

A boy/girl who wanted to marry soon, said the below

Mentally prepared for a good future that’s waiting for me

Girl who was rejected, said the below

He rejected me for being not a virgin, but still I found my virgin soulmate

I realized looks matters much, than the sensible heart.
So called materialistic love

My words to all, if you wish to marry late then you be strong in that point for the below reason

To think twice,
To get someone nice,
Making your home paradise

Finally, year 2019 said the below

When people walk away they make sure “life goes on”, maybe hopelessly

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